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We are looking for a team of cooks for an exciting new concept coming to downtown Houston later this month. The Blind Goat is one of the most anticipated stations opening in the brand new Bravery Chef Hall and is the first restaurant venture from MasterChef season 3 winner Christine Ha, best known for being the blind cook who earned praises from Gordon Ramsay for her palate and Vietnamese dishes. You will get to learn from Ha and other experienced chefs, and have the opportunity to grow while working in a fun, dynamic environment. Responsibilities include operating all aspects of the kitchen, from wok and grill station to prep and Point-Of-Sale. You will get the chance to interact directly with customers and see how the foods you create can positively impact their experience.

This position requires:

  • Experience in a professional kitchen

  • A basic knowledge of southeast Asian cuisine

  • The ability to use POS systems

  • A willingness to learn and be flexible

  • An understanding of hospitality and the importance of customer service

Because you will be interacting face-to-face with guests, a positive, energetic personality is important. Come join our team and be part of a compelling start-up where there is potential room for growth!

Interested and qualified applicants, please fill out an application here.


The Making of The Blind Goat

Christine’s biggest project of 2018 is getting ready for the opening of her very first restaurant venture, The Blind Goat, coming to Bravery Chef Hall in downtown Houston. This is a new mini-series giving you an up close and personal view of what it takes to go into the restaurant business as a visually impaired home cook. From forming a partnership to picking out a name, designing a logo to holding preview pop-ups, and more.


Episode 1 - Introducing The Blind Goat, blind MasterChef winner Christine Ha’s first restaurant in Houston

This is a new mini-series giving you an up close and personal view of what it takes to go into the restaurant business as a visually impaired home cook. From forming a partnership to picking out a name, designing a logo to holding preview pop-ups, this is the pilot episode of the behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Blind Goat.


Episode 2 - Construction of The Blind Goat

Episode 2 of the behind-the-scenes series of the making of The Blind Goat, Christine’s forthcoming restaurant venture in Houston. Her station is in the midst of construction, along with the rest of Bravery Chef Hall which includes concepts from other renowned Houston chefs. Get a tour of the exciting new place where Christine and The Blind Goat will soon call home.


Episode 3 - The look and feel of The Blind Goat

It’s another day full of things to do for The Blind Goat. Christine and John have to choose plates, glasses, and cutlery for their station, and they are overwhelmed with the endless choices. It’s especially challenging for Christine who can’t see what the items look like. Then Christine goes straight into hair and make-up for a photo shoot for Bravery Chef Hall. The hall will be done up in mid-century modern style—can you guess why Christine’s getting all dolled up for the photo?


Episode 4 - Getting closer to opening The Blind Goat + New Year’s Eve party at Bravery Chef Hall

Christine and John are on their way to a meeting with their neighbors at Bravery Chef Hall to discuss housekeeping items like the point-of-sale system and linen rental services. They also revisit the New Year’s Eve party hosted by Bravery Chef Hall. It was the first time Christine, John, and their staff worked together as a team—how will everyone get along? More importantly, will The Blind Goat pull off service when none of their equipment was properly functioning?


Episode 5 - The Blind Goat & friends film a promo for Bravery Chef Hall

As opening date nears, all of the concepts coming into bravery Chef Hall get together to shoot a digital promo video in the style of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. With The Blind Goat being her first restaurant, Christine may be the novice chef on the block, but she’s a pro when it comes to TV life. In this video, you’ll get to meet some of the other faces and names coming into Bravery. The Blind Goat at Bravery Chef Hall is coming soon to Houston, Texas.


Episode 6 - Update on The Blind Goat construction & opening date

Every week it’s something different, and The Blind Goat has yet to still open its doors. Here’s an update on Bravery Chef Hall’s progress and a tour of the space.


Episode 7 - Days away from opening! Setting up The Blind Goat station

The Blind Goat is days away from its first service, so Christine and John bring in a few members from their team to help clean and set up. The place was a mess due to construction and equipment deliveries, but they manage to get The Blind Goat in tip-top shape for upcoming media and, of course, the much anticipated opening.


Episode 8 - What’s for sale at The Blind Goat

Ongoing construction and inspections have delayed opening by a few more weeks. Things are coming together, though, and The Blind Goat is receiving all their deliveries to get ready for business, including a sugarcane press from Vietnam.

To be continued…



Bravery Chef Hall
409 Travis St.
Houston, TX 77002


Sun-Thu 5PM - 10PM
Fri-Sat 5PM - 11PM




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Christine Ha, Executive Chef

Christine Ha is best known for being the blind winner of “MasterChef” with Gordon Ramsay in 2012. Following her televised win, she authored the New York Times best-selling cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen; co-hosted the cooking show, “Four Senses” on AMI Canada; and was a judge on “MasterChef” Vietnam. Ha has served as a culinary envoy on behalf of the American Embassy as part of culinary diplomacy initiatives around the globe.

Ha was born in southern California and spent most of her life in Texas. Her parents were Vietnamese refugees, and she grew up familiar with southeast Asian flavors. Ha loves all cuisines, however, saying traveling and trying local dishes of a particular country or region inspires her own cooking and fuels her culinary creativity.

The Blind Goat at Bravery Chef Hall in Houston is Ha’s first restaurant.

About The Blind Goat

Nhau is the Vietnamese word for the act of convivial eating and drinking.

The Blind Goat is a modern Vietnamese gastropub from Christine Ha, winner of MasterChef season 3.

At The Blind Goat, we want to foster a vibrant atmosphere, a casual eatery where you can grab a bite or beverage with friends, family, and colleagues. It is a place to kick back, enjoy the everyday, and celebrate the joys in life, both big and small.